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Does your marketing…

                       produce leads that are tough to close?


Are you frustrated with…

your return on investment?

Are you spending twice as much…

   to get half the leads you used to get?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the next 2 minutes of reading could change that…

Is Your Marketing Outdated?

Traditional marketing methods are ineffective. Today’s homeowner is more sophisticated and savvier than before.

They’ll choose to sell their property without the help of a Realtor, partly because of the readily available information and free or discounted services offered. Now with the help of the Internet, homeowners can determine the value of their property and comparables in their neighborhood.










Outdated Strategies

Today, the strategy of mailing a postcard offering a complimentary market analysis has become a was of money. A homeowner won’t consider this, because it’s like inviting a vampire into their house.

Too Many Realtors

If you ask families in your farm area about Realtors, chances are they’ll tell you they already have a Realtor or know somebody who is one.

Meanwhile, Realtors keep spending lots of hard earned dollars on outdated marketing tactics: postcards, notepads, refrigerator magnets, etc. Tactics that tell people who they are, but not what they’re about.

Marketing Makeover

A makeover that doesn’t require a budget the size of Coca Cola’s, but yet helps you produce more business in a predictable manner.

The kind of makeover that produces in your farm area:



Your Marketing Plan Can…

…Convert strangers into friends.

Imagine generating a qualified prospect that doesn’t require you to reduce your commission split to beat the competition.

…Transform a neighborhood into a flourishing community. Imagine being the realtor responsible for bringing families in a neighborhood mutually together.

…Change how prospects view your services. Imagine being top-of-mind with your prospects as a trusted advisor, instead as a realtor. This equals less competition.

Who Is Matt Kelchner

I help realtors perform a marketing makeover that converts more prospects into clients. With today’s innovative marketing methods realtors can produce more clients, spend fewer dollars and enjoy greater consistency of referrals.

I’m a mortgage guy, this is what separates me from my competition. Certainly, I offer the same loan programs and rates as every other loan officer. But that won’t mean much to you unless there’s a long line of new and repeat customers knocking at your door.

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